Australian Astrological Moontime Diary Iris Detenhoff

My name is Iris Detenhoff. I am a practical Astrologer and the author/ publisher of the Moontime Diary which promotes health and wellbeing in tune with the lunar and planetary cycles.
I started my working life as a general nurse in Munich before I migrated to Australia in 1987. Since 1990 I have been living in the Northern Rivers Area, mostly in Mullumbimby, a small town in the Byron Bay Hinterland. I am thankful for my health and our natural and beautiful environment. I enjoy reading, researching, teaching, Astrology, personal growth, writing and translating, and just being creative in my home, which I call my sandpit.


Moontime Diary 2019 Advance Copy

Studies in natural health, astrology, sustainable building and Anthroposophy led me to compile and publish a yearly almanac, which the Moontime Diary turns out to be.
My passion really is to inspire people to live a more healthy, relaxed and sustainable lifestyle. One obvious way is to become aware of nature’s seasons and cycles, and start timing activities accordingly.
Fishermen do it, farmers and gardeners too. Why? Because life is easier and more productive if we go with the flow, instead of struggling against it.


Yeah, here I am with the latest edition of the Moontime Diary 2019, an advance copy which just arrived a couple of days ago, timely for the New Moon in Cancer.

The Moontime Diary 2019 will be available in August 2018. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

All the best with love n moonlight,


A FUTURE WITH NATURAL WOOD ~ Traditional and Scientific Facts About Trees

Because of my interest in traditional moon lore, I translated Ewin Thoma’s book: “…dich sah ich wachsen” from German into English. In his book, Austrian author Dr. Erwin Thoma brings forth his grandfather’s knowledge about ‘Moon Timber’, the olden ways of forest management and building. Erwin Thoma has established a research center in Goldegg, Austria, where he tests and trials traditional ways of building and forest management. He developed a highly energy efficient building system, which offers a sustainable and healthy way of living.

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 I have given many talks over the years ~ here is some feedback

‘The Art Of Timing’ at the Byron Community College, NSW.

Some feedback by participants:

  • This was an excellent, engaging, down to earth, enjoyable and comprehensive talk.
  • Very informative and inspiring. Professional with well prepared power point presentation.
  • Very interesting and well explained. Iris is very well presented and knowledgeable. This talk gave me a good understanding of the moon cycle and other associated cycles.

Philosophical Society of Nerang, Qld.

Freda, Organizer:

I’m Freda from Nerang Philosophical Group. We had a fantastic talk from Iris Detenhoff, Moontime Diary author, last Friday night. We were kept enthralled all during the talk about timing and the myriad of things we can use the moon timing for in our daily lives. We didn’t realize how powerful the Moon’s influence was on everything in our lives or how to use the influences to enhance our lives, from what is the best time to wash our hair with the littlest amount of shampoo to the best time to sign contracts etc. Then of course Iris went into the many ways the moon influences our planet and how and when to use such influences to our advantage. She explained that all these things were used daily until after the second World War when that olden knowledge was discarded for the new. Our loss, until now! We all enjoyed the talk immensely and left with much more knowledge about our selves as well. All in all a wonderful evening. Iris is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and a very good speaker. Love and Light, Freda M

Architect Conference, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Greg Addison, Architect:

It was a great pleasure to have you talk at our 2011 Annual Conference,called “Beyond the Prism”. This was our 51st Annual Conference. Your topic on “Build by the Moon” was for our special segment called “Kirka Kulpa” This was both a delightful and informative talk which fitted the theme of our Conference. We appreciate the effort you made to take time out from your normal schedule and present a talk that covered the Professional Development Category of Project Management.

Your presentation was fascinating and delivered very clearly and competently. Your accompanying images were also very informative alerting our delegates to largely unknown working practices in this country explaining ways to work with nature, not against it.

The Country Division can only survive when people like yourself offer to attend and talk on topics that collectively expand our knowledge on diverse issues related to the industry. We hope that you enjoyed your stay at Aanuka Resort, Coffs Harbour this year and hope that some of our speakers were of interest to you. We would love to see you there again. On behalf of the NSW Country Division we thank you for your valuable contribution.                  All the Very Best, Greg

Don Osborne, Architect:

Iris has an excellent understanding on the effects of the moon phases on environmental issues and how this translates into qualities of materials used in building construction and everyday life.